Sunday, August 12, 2012

after the dawn

I took this photo just after dawn while camping at Bonnechere River Provincial Park. My wife and I were joined for a few days by my daughter and her children. On this day my grand-daughters were, as usual, up early and we took our morning coffee down to the water and pleasantly watched the day begin. The girls, of course, were as eager to explore as ever.

[ f/9, 1/500, 16mm, ISO 200 ]

after the dawn

after the dawn
i watched you
pick your way among the stones

revelled in your delight
at what lay ahead

i couldn't stop a smile

at how your little follower
studies the stones you step on

learning which to avoid

how wonderful
this apprenticeship of companions

cementing the bond of comfort

well before the storms
that everyone endures

before the dusk arrives

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  1. Mario, what a wonderful photograph of your granddaughters; and a touching well-penned poem about how the younger one learns from the older. And yes, before life's storms! Wouldn't it be nice if one could avoid them forever??

  2. I have a very soft spot for sisters and who have captured their sweet bond in both words and image.

    I hope you don't mind my pointing out the typo in your introduction.. but I don't think your wiFe would be very impressed by the D that slipped in erroneously :)

    1. oh my.... thanks :) It's fixed now - before my wife has read it!

    2. Just reread my comment and see I used who instead of you... slinks off...

  3. I like the picture and the bond of sisterhood... what a comfort during life's storms ~

  4. This is truly sweet. Your grand daughters strolling together at the riverside is such a lovely sight.

  5. Lovely write and beautiful photo. Really love the ending lines!

  6. How sweet! I love that your poem is so real. Great photo as well! Nature is the best art.

  7. This is one of a kind. I can see this picture in front of me. I am always glad when my grandsons are visiting my wife and me. It's always a joy to be in the middle of their stories and adventures.
    Awesome read.

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  9. Both an eyewitness account and symbolism...fantastic depth!

  10. Beautiful! Sisterhood is a joy and there are many things we go through that we could not have overcome, if not for our siblings!

  11. Wonderful--both the photo and the poem!

  12. A simple, effective, and very moving piece; a pleasure to read.