Sunday, March 17, 2013

dream catcher

I like to think that the majority of people would share the feeling that I get when I marvel at the creative minds of inventors, builders, artists - any that have a grandiose dream and the ability to not only conceive such a scheme but then to go even further and make it into a reality.

[ f/8, 1/125, 26mm, ISO 100 ]

dream catcher

there was always fascination
with something I would miss

that you would bundle
into your chaotic dreaming

i could only marvel at
the attraction you felt
to being lost
in the maze of
your thoughts streaming

all the while
your emotions and grand ideas
barely balanced
jumping from beam to beam

when suddenly
life just burst from you
happier than most have seemed

it is perhaps
ideas or inventions turning real

where creative power
goes from the surreal

into embracing truth
and the beauty it does reveal

All poetry and photos are copyright and the property of Mario Cerroni. Please do not copy or use without permission.

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  1. Mario, you so well wrote about the process of creativity in so many fields. The emotions and the grand ideas jumpking from beam to beam. The ideas/inventions turning real. This is REALLY a good poem, my friend.

    Imagine how Edison must have felt, or Einstein. Michelangelo. Robert Frost. So many. Perhaps once in a while we have a glimpse of this when we conceive of a really good idea for a poem and do manage to pull it off to our own satisfaction. On a small scale, we achieve success.

  2. Your photo does remind me of Native American dream catchers. Lovely.

  3. What an incredible photo...and lovely words to match.

  4. It is amazing what some people can do!

  5. All creation. technical or otherwise, does produce that sense of surreal elation which you capture succinctly.

  6. really tight exploration -

    as for the Turkeys...Ottawa plague eh?

  7. He/she must have felt the lightness and joyful relief of the creator when his task is done.

  8. As I read this, I was reminded that many of the great creators, inventors, artists and innovators live with mania and/or depression. This seems to give them an edge that most others dare not near.

  9. There is definitely that "how did someone even think of that?" When awed, I try to be inspired.

  10. you are really very nice photographer.