Sunday, March 31, 2013

parallel universes

I took this photo last summer in Baie-Ste-Paul, Quebec while on a little vacation and tour of the St Lawrence coast. I was struck by how much the reflection in the glass on the right side contrasted the view that you can see inside through the glass on the left.

[ f/10, 1/125. 56mm, ISO 800 ]

the view from here

have always wondered
whose view is most real

on the side of the gloom
i sometimes feel

on the side that's bright
always ready to heal

what brings me down
ripping my day apart

hold me close
and then gently chart

paths together
a new day's start

All poetry and photos are copyright and the property of Mario Cerroni. Please do not copy or use without permission.

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  1. Always a thrill for me to have the opportunity to see your work and read your words. I think your poetic interpretation of this image is spot on.

  2. Your words are wonderful. There are so many different views of a situation, aren't there? And the interesting thing is that both are real! I enjoyed your poem and your photo greatly.

  3. That poem hit me on a personal level! That is JUST like my relationship with my boyfriend who has found nirvana!
    Love it! Love the honesty and truth of it!
    Great accompanying photo, the dark wood a bright reflective glass really illustrate what is going on in the poem.
    The shimmering glass on the right has also found nirvana!

  4. So touching - no matter the views are different, when the comfort is so real.

  5. This moved me--so much how my husband and I are--Just loved this!

  6. The contrasts in the photo are mirrored in the contrast of their personalities. I'm in a long-running relationship and it is not so much a balancing act as a see-saw some days! I'm up, he's down. Either way, it always calls for a long, heartfelt hug. Love, love, this - so glad to see you were in the Poets United collection, too! Love the pantry today - filled with wonder! Amy

  7. The photo is gorgeous, and the contrasts you point out prompt lots of thought. The poem, however, is even more beautiful, representing the qualities of a loving and supportive relationship. I really like this one, Mario.

  8. A trusted hand, a trusted friend, or lover is often what we need to see the glass is half full. Lovely!