Sunday, May 5, 2013

if i choose to live alone

Photo taken at Achray camp ground in Algonquin Provincial Park. If I was to choose to live alone then the beauty of what surrounds me would be important but instead -

[ f/8, 1/125, 30mm, ISO 400 ]

the quiet

i choose to have you close
knowing that your hand in mine

is all i need to recompose
what beauty i would strive to find

no need
for the warming sun
to kiss my face

or the sound of gentle waves
to soothe my aches

no need for bird songs
to greet the morning light

nor flowers to bloom
and bring delight

for glorious
would every moment be

your hand in mine
your heart with me

All poetry and photos are copyright and the property of Mario Cerroni. Please do not copy or use without permission.

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  1. This speaks volumes to me about the joys of love--Beautifully done!

  2. ... Very wonderfully expressed. We seem to be on the same wave length today (but you have expressed it far better) Just lovely.

  3. When we have love, we have the most valuable thing we could ever hope for. Marvelous poem!

  4. This is so romantic and so absolutely gorgeous. Breath officially taken

    I am

  5. As I do live alone, the beauty of my surroundings is essential. I love this look at the other side, where your world is encompassed in the heart of the one who companions your journey. Very lovely.

  6. Mario, this is another beautiful poem. A hand in yours (anyone's) is such a special and loving thing. It is better than so many things. A simple gesture but filled with love........

  7. a rare romantic gem - well done sir

  8. Beautiful, brings a tear to my eyes and a smile to my lips :)