Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kristina & Graham Wedding Wish

I haven't posted in a while as I was in Australia over the past month. One of the reasons for the visit there was the wedding of my daughter Kristina to her fine young husband Graham. They had a wonderful beach wedding and it was a real pleasure meeting her Aussie family and friends.

kristina & graham

may your days be full of sunshine
to bring you warmth and comfort
when you need it

may there be abundant rainfall
to nourish and grow 
the seeds of your love

may there be winds
both gentle and strong
to carry your hopes and your dreams

may there be richness
in the earth you stand on
to provide solid footing
for the journey you now undertake

and may there be fire
in both your hearts
to keep you pushing each other
to make each day better 
than the one before

All poetry and photos are copyright and the property of Mario Cerroni. Please do not copy or use without permission.

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  1. a lovely blessing for bless them...and congratulation to them as well on the new life they are creating.....i hope too they keep that fire...smiles...

  2. What a beautiful poem, Mario. A nice blessing as their life together begins. I am sure that you have shared this poem with them. I bet it is hard to have them live SO far away from you though.

    1. Thanks Mary. My wife Maureen and I read this poem to them at the wedding reception. It is indeed hard to have them so far away. But it is important for us to know that she is happy. And thankfully the internet does a good job of somewhat softening the distance.

  3. Excellent wedding poem. A great gift to the bride and groom.

  4. What a fine prayer for two young people starting out in marriage. I love the informality of a wedding on the beach. The love shines through from photo to words.

  5. What a wonderful poem for your daughter and husband. Truly beautiful!

  6. wonderful poem full of lovely heartfelt words.

  7. Lovely poem, lovely wishes! Just beautiful Mario. Congrats to you and to them!

  8. So lovely, Mario - the poem, your beautiful daughter, her handsome young man. Just lovely. A beach wedding is the BEST!

  9. I quite like this poem myself :)
    Thanks for making our day so incredibly special by being there and as always, attaching all the perfect pictures and words to remember our day.
    xo Kristina (The Bride)

  10. Your poem is touch in my heart. Really fantastic write up. Please keep it up.....

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