Sunday, August 11, 2013

we are meant to soar

While in Australia we came across a lookout point where a number of hang gliders were getting ready to take off into the welcoming breeze. I was fortunate to stand right at the cliff side and get some up close photos of the freedom and exhilaration they must have felt as they left the ground and sailed into the skies. The whole scene provides for a very appealing metaphor.

[ f/9, 1/160. 24mm, ISO 100 ]

of course we are meant to soar
how could i think otherwise

after all

why else do clouds
form such tantalizing shapes
their cotton textures 
eagerly cradling
our skyward gaze

and the shifting blue hues
like the promise of a calm ocean
drawing us in

the gentlest of waves
tugging at our shores
rippling parts of us
back and forth

the sky's renewing ritual

why even at night
its diamond allure
draws mystery and wonder
in the dreams we keep

so then -

don't just stand
alone and tentative 
at the cliff's edge

eyes skyward instead
there's lots to see

take my hand
let go the earth

and be

All poetry and photos are copyright and the property of Mario Cerroni. Please do not copy or use without permission.

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  1. I like the message in this. Yes, we ARE supposed to soar. We are meant to look skyward, which will enable us to FLY.

  2. Yes, we are...we have to learn to be brave and it definitely helps if we have a helping hand. This was so lovely. Made me think how limitless life can truly be.

  3. The beauty of sky and sea, so well capture in this lovely poem!

  4. beautiful.such optimistic energy.loved it.

  5. Wonderful advice, beautifully written.

  6. Absolutely beautiful - the clouds, the sky that draws our eyes ever upward - glorious photo too. Uplifting post, Mario. Loved it.

  7. of course we are meant to soar - yes, & how beautiful

  8. "of course we are meant to soar..." i love that that is your opener, and that there is so much certainty to it. like how could we ever think anything else while looking at a view like that, or ever. lovely. x

  9. Nice hand gliding picture, beautiful!

  10. I have read your blog post & it was really informative & helpful for us. thanks.